03. Oktober 2019

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Welcome to the «Sparkassen Münsterland Giro 2017»

Even when it debuted, the Sparkassen Münsterland Giro - thanks to many enthusiastic participants in the «Cup der Sparkasse Münsterland Ost», and in the «Cup der Westfälischen Provinzial Versicherung » - reaped a top position within the German cycling. After adding a route in year two; the «Cup der LBS», more than 3000 participants further boosted this standing. This tradition is to be continued on October 3rd, when hobby cyclists come together in the Münsterland for the final of the German Cycling-Cup. They can be assured of a friendly welcome: The region boasts 65 active cycling clubs, plus many free cycling groups, such as the «Lohmann-Kreisel», «Kette rechts» or «Nonnenkamp».

The international elite of professionals will head out on October the 3rd, German Reunification Day, from Wadersloh only to sprint across the finish line in front of Schloss Münster. The point of departure for everybody else will be at Albersloher Weg in Münster. Tours covering distances of 65, 95 and 126 kilometers respectively can be chosen by cyclists participating in the «Cup der Sparkasse Münsterland Ost», «Cup der LBS» and «Cup der Westfälischen Provinzial Versicherung». One of our highlights: on October 3rd, cyclists enjoy right of way throughout the entire course. Refreshments, technical service, and an audience that supports cycling with much enthusiasm vouch for that feeling of Tour de France in the Münsterland. Timing is recorded with cutting edge transponder systems for prompt results.

Those wishing to be perfectly prepared should use the months prior to the Sparkassen Münsterland Giro 2017 to familiarize themselves with Germany’s number one cycling region. 4500 kilometers of perfectly signposted cycling routes offer something for everyone: from «Pättkes» cyclists, to those who prefer easily negotiated routes, to the ultimate pro. The teams at Münster-Marketing and Münsterland-Touristik are happy to assist with planning, or the search for accommodation.